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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Stuff that interferes with working (sigh)… this is always a problem for me… but, I do love my yard. And I am going to make it super easy to take care of with what I have decided is a “zen” feel, with plant “clumpings” and a lot of negative space and clean plants (ie., don’t leave a lot of droppings continuously), nothing that will get too big too fast, and it will look great during the times when you want to be outside, ie., winter… and will still also look OK during the summer and can pretty much take the heat… oh, and if the drip system fails… they will likely survive for a while as well… whew… all I can say to anyone who is planning their landscape for the Southwest desert climate… think long and hard about what you are getting yourself into! I’ve tried so many plants and I can see why there are certain stand by favorites that you commonly see… however, there are other plants that should become standby favorites… and hopefully they will someday. We are doing more work on April 5th, so I will be doing a follow up to show how far we got and what the house looks with a fresh coat of paint. In any case, I have made the personal executive order to take the month of march off every year because it is just so darn nice. Now, to be able to leave town for the months of July and August…. I gotta work on that one! Video Rating: / 5

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