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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote * Yucca, Arizona * Desert Quad Flight * Saguaro Cactus * Popsicle X350 Quad Footage of a very old Cactus, and flight of the X350 Woody Multirotor in the desert area of Yucca, Arizona. Follow me on Facebook:


  • Paolo Pinsone 1 year ago

    Woaahhh what a location ! .. cool

  • Anton Dem 1 year ago

    Nice flight and cool video.

  • Gorilla Fpv 1 year ago

    Very well done m8! killer place to fly dude.=)

  • Flying Stam Pede 1 year ago

    You have one of the most epic landscapes for your vids man…the vids are even awesome if you ignore the RC aspect and just enjoy the views.
    Thanks for another awesome upload dude!

  • OttawaAccoustics 1 year ago

    Wow ! Never saw a desert that reminded me so much of Road Runner and the coyote lol. What made you decide to stop and fly and film at this spot? It looked to me like you broke down in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road you weren't meant to be on lol. Loved the video man ! Really gave me a taste of a place I may never see. Thanks for caring and sharing  😀

  • Budget Guy RC 1 year ago

    very well done my friend loved the music too well done have fun rcing

  • sator rotas 1 year ago

    Excellent video, very beautiful landscape and especially of the space to steal .
    A single cactus??

  • Cory Reeves 1 year ago

    nice video

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