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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hello everyone. Today I am want to show you with yummy dragon fruit dessert. Dragon fruit which has been grown at the back of my house are rip as in the harvest season. So I decided to pick it and make dessert to share with other children in my village. So let’s enjoy together. Thank you. More yummy cooking: Yummy Wild Rambutan Leaves Soup Cooking – Wild Rambutan Recipe – Cooking With Sros Yummy Crispy Chicken Drumstick – 6Kg Chicken Drumstick Frying – Cooking With Sros Yummy Urchin Grilling Recipe – Urchin Cooking – Cooking With Sros Yummy Monster Sea Snail Salad Cooking – Monster Sea Snail Cooking – Cooking With Sros Yummy Horseshoe Crab Salad Cooking – Horseshoe Crab Cooking – Cooking With Sros Yummy Crispy Pork Frying Recipe – Crispy Pork Cooking – Cooking With Sros More about me : Twitter : Video Rating: / 5


  • Laila aslam 1 month ago

    I like your cutting

  • Faseela Fasee 1 month ago

    Any malayalees

  • Paula Andrew 1 month ago

    This is what we call the creation of God undefined.

  • Amr شكرا جزيلا 1 month ago

    و تسلم ايديكى

  • Amr شكرا جزيلا 1 month ago

    الفاكهة دى شكلها حلو اوى و ليس عندنا منها لا تعرف اسمها

  • Sumita Rana 1 month ago


  • Sushmita Poudel 1 month ago

    Someone please tell me how does it taste sweet / sour/ salty ???

  • Muhammad Ramjid 1 month ago

    I like red dragon fruit

  • abdur rahim 1 month ago

    dragons fruits and what are you mixed with this.

  • Rasmita Pradhan 1 month ago

    Mujhe chahia dragon fruits seed

  • Sarman Bodra 1 month ago


  • Surat Sutik BANYUWANGI 1 month ago

    beautiful friend
    nice dragon fruits whit
    thank for sharing
    succes you friend

  • Mentxu Rodriguez 1 month ago

    Yo tengo la Santa Teresa que no da frutos

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