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My name is Zac Griffith and this is a film of my Arizona Archery Desert Mule Deer Hunt. I spent sixty days bow hunting since August of 2012 to re-connect with a giant, reclusive and ghostly desert mule deer.
This sub species of the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer is the ultimate survivor. Their relatively small body size attests to the difficult environment they forge a life in. Severe drought, high temperatures, poor feed, and heavy predation are all obstacles these warriors overcome.

The desert is unforgiving and difficult to bow hunt. The dry, rocky ground is noisy and tough to silently pursue game. The desert is flat and choked with mesquites and palo verde that literally swallow deer from sight. To harvest a buck mule deer in the desert with a bow is a feat. To harvest a mature, if not ancient giant who has surpassed nearly a decade of opposition is the ultimate archer’s quarry.
I have committed to get it done. Sixty days may be what it takes.
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