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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Skindred called Zeroscape to a clash in a recent interview and this is Zeroscape’s answer back Video Rating: / 5 Zeroscape – Skank and Live. This Video was shot during Zeroscapes time in Scotland, In 2005 during the G8 Summit and there European tour and some of the photos were taken when they were in Scotland on there 2006 European tour. The song Skank and Live is taken from their Second album release – If This Is The End I Will…. ZEROSCAPE is a Toronto-based band, formed in 2003 and can only be described as the melting pot of music. The band manages to combine the sounds of metal, dance hall, drum’n’bass, reggae, hip hop, rock and more musical genres into one solid groove. ZEROSCAPE is Binski (vocals/ guitars), Speshalizt (guitars), McNizzow (vocals/ bass) and Jizzle (Drums/percussion). In Sept 2004 they released their first full length album ‘BRAILLE’ followed by an Eastern Canadian tour. It was then as they gazed out the windows of their tour bus that they realized that life would never be the same. Home was now the road and forever would be. After returning back to Toronto for a short stay they risked it all for what would be the BRAILLE EUROPEAN TOUR 2005, they sold everything they owned except for musical instruments and set out on a 6 month tour of Europe leading them through 9 countries and 98 show dates. Four guys in the smallest tour van filled with gear, where sleeping upright or on fan’s kitchen floors never mattered. That’s rock n roll! The internet flooded with rave reviews on the live shows, ZEROSCAPE became the band that was gonna blow your mind live and they were dubbed as the “Crazy Canucks”. Upon returning to Canada […]

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  • Emanuelle Roxas 5 years ago

    Zeroscape is much heavier than Skindred!

  • 1MIDSON 5 years ago

    It's actually not that bad but Ima unlike dis cos they're pricks cussing Skindred

  • Ally Kero 5 years ago

    haha not bad not bad at all

  • Kimo z 5 years ago

    Skindred > Zeroscape.

  • DAxZOHAN 5 years ago

    these guys are actually pretty good i like it, in my personal opinion skindred does win but we cannot just compare artists, each have strengths and weaknesses, however each one has something that NO other band or group can posses that raw imagination, destructive vocals, or killer drum skills, each of these things go into wat makes a band stand out above the rest.

  • DeathValkit 5 years ago

    skindred sounds better… but zeroscape does a better mix of reggae and metal

  • 89GuitarPerson 5 years ago

    they are DIFFERENT than skindred and have ways they are better and worse than skindred, why does everyone have to compare ARTISTS?

  • Patrick Decowski 5 years ago

    They don't have shit on Skindred.
    They are pretty good. But nothing on Skindred.

  • freak9300 5 years ago

    Play button, listened to the drums, stop button -.-

  • naynaybayable 5 years ago

    skindred is better to me but it dont matter

  • Darkajj 5 years ago

    NOTHING on Skindred.

  • jaderoxas 5 years ago

    I don't care who's better,who's not..I love this band!

  • whosbeensick 5 years ago

    skindred>this crap

  • antony cooley 5 years ago

    skindred win hands down……6:30

  • James Hocking 5 years ago

    These Guys Have nothing On Skindred tbh

  • jsmetalcore 5 years ago

    zeroscape and skindred are both good

  • retardedusers 5 years ago

    @oliviahaditall I'm pretty sure it's no tribute. This song is called The Funeral. Not Eye of the Tiger Tribute by Zeroscape.

    All I can say is, if they truly wish to compete with Skindred, they should put a little more effort into their songs next time instead of make generic, bland noise just to try and prove themselves. They tried and failed with this.

  • retardedusers 5 years ago

    @Reddwarfnut Yeah…Electric Avenue by Skindred was a COVER inspired by the original which was by Eddie Grant. So they didn't rip off anything. This song however, literally has the main riff from another song, but I don't see any relationship between the two. This song is called The Funeral, not Eye of the Tiger. Anyway, I have listened to Zeroscape's other songs and I think I'm going to stick with Skindred. They're far more superior. Your point =invalid. Have a nice day.

  • Reddwarfnut 5 years ago

    what the fuck is up with "omfg eye of the tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!" take the SONG TITLE and the LYRICS along with the crap that fool from skindred was throwing out in a interview i think its fair to say his song is a battle cry, stop being a bunch of fan boys and take your head out of your asses and really listen to zeroscape, listen to the REST OF THIER SONGS they are fucking amazing , and if you REALLY want to go down the route of Zeroscape copied eye of the tiger … Electric Avenue point made

  • Bl17Z90 5 years ago

    the main riff is literally 2 notes off from being an exact copy of eye of the tiger

  • Boxhead_Revival 5 years ago

    Dude, a metal band that I skank and headbang to

  • VynixX 5 years ago

    shure (;

  • Zoe Jarvis 5 years ago

    i saw them last night they are amazzing!!

  • Ayahuasca666 5 years ago

    Nice 🙂

  • Scruffylolz 5 years ago

    oh and i got a guitar pick and my friend a drum stick. they are great!

  • Scruffylolz 5 years ago

    they were in Romania last year.
    great concert,great atmosphere i mean these guys can sing live.really awesome band

  • Simon Fortin 5 years ago

    JJ dude, you lucky bastard !

  • troyik 5 years ago

    I so …rock for people rulezzz :)))

  • jakubltm 5 years ago

    it was great as i thought, i spoke with Binski and
    got pick from Speshalizt, bought their t-shirt and
    cd, they

  • mogli66 5 years ago

    Awesome! You really lucky! I want to see them live again but there not coming to the UK this Tour! DAMN THEM! lol! Enjoy man! Let us know how it went! Peace Mogli

  • jakubltm 5 years ago

    i just go to their concert in czech republic, in starts in about hour 🙂

  • psylos67 5 years ago

    trop bien zeroscape je kiff toutes les siks de l album vous etes formidables merci pour ses moments de bonheur que vous me faites passer!!

  • troyik 5 years ago

    nice… :))….my favourite song :))

  • mogli66 5 years ago

    Wicked dude. Awesome to hear there is more fans out there who love them as much as I do and try to promote them lots too. Your videos sweet man. It gives a kind of mood and effect. And the song is amazing. I had to use the pics to because I didn't have enough video but your video did give me the idea. Wicked to hear your making another video. Look forward to seeing it. Fan devotion is a major thing and they're certainly getting alot of people behind them. They're liked everywhere they go.

  • tinivole 5 years ago

    nah, man… no probs. I made that uncle bush vid with all the pics… i need to make a better version tho cos i did it on a cheap USB digital camera no bigger than 1 inch squared. I see that you taken that influence in this vid, using all the still motion stuff… thanks dude. I'm actually making a vid for "anything at all" atm… nice lil' slow motion vid with zeroscape live during the solo 😀 I love all their songs too. they need fan devotion more than anything now.

  • mogli66 5 years ago

    Thanks dude! Glad you liked it. I can see where you coming from with the comment man. Indigo is a wicked tune as well. But I love all the songs. haha. Will try and make more videos for them soon.

  • tinivole 5 years ago

    Ace vid; though I think Skank and Live is a bit of a long winded so to put as a video. I think Indigo would of gone down much better, jst as a preference…

  • synyster5930 5 years ago