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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The first music video from Toronto’s own Zeroscape. The song is Uncle Bush Wants You from their album If This Is The End I Will. Check them out at: Video Rating: / 5 Canadian Reggae-Metal-Band Zeroscape. I played Bass on this Track. Video Rating: / 5

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  • Spunkalish 4 years ago

    It's called keeping an open mind. I'll give anything a listen at least once. Not listening to it right now though obviously, I gave it a listen 2 months ago.

  • Spunkalish 4 years ago

    No, they're both shit.

  • Guy LeBlanc 4 years ago

    Unbelievable drummer!

  • Thunderwolf666 4 years ago

    @MC29012 Reminds me of early Dubwar. I like it.

  • mrzelenak 4 years ago

    i like Zeroscape, Skindred, Orange Sky and i like their music for different reasons, these bands are maybe similiar but far different by their music style, can not be compare …and the positive message is there! so stop hating!

  • Boxhead_Revival 4 years ago

    This is like Ska Revival/Alternative Metal! This is really sick! m/

  • dan shaw 4 years ago

    I remember being like 15, in my first band, throwing a show at the masonic lodge, which these guys played, and had been playing there for a while. I am 25 now… so these guys have been doing what they love for over a decade. I think there are not too many original acts around, because everyone gets into music through influences. The fact is, by hating on a band whom in your opinion sounds like another band you like… are actually deterring the birth or rebirth of its scene.

  • skullcrusher6 4 years ago

    @SexandViolence tell me what band sounds like Naked City

  • Simon Dahlgren 4 years ago

    @SexandViolence find a band that is like animals as leaders 🙂

  • Rieann White 4 years ago

    And so what if they sound like Skindred?! There are NO original bands out there anymore… every single band sounds similar to another band! Name a band and I can guarantee you I know a band that sounds like them. Zeroscape is fantastic. end of story.

  • Rieann White 4 years ago

    Zeroscape is fucking badass!! I've seen so many metal bands, pop bands, punk bands, etc. that sounds exactly the same.. I could go to a show and hear 12 bands and think it was the same band the entire time… How many local bands sound like this? not very many at all. I think they do a fantastic job and they are really fun to? watch live.. everyone has their own preference, if you don't like the band then just shut the fuck up easy as that

  • skinza69a 4 years ago

    nufn on skindred

  • CCtjehh 4 years ago

    agree skindred kicks their asses.

  • Flipty87 4 years ago

    Skindred are amazing , I reckon these guys are good in a different way though I think the singer focuses more on the ragga part whereas skindred is more metal , either way both sick bands

  • stillshottin 4 years ago

    the funeral is the shittest song these could never kill skindred…

  • Dionthepirate 4 years ago


  • stu duncker 4 years ago

    hm….this si gonna branch out like thrash….the big 4 of ragga…..maybe these guys rep antrax…..skindred…metallica…wonder who will other 2 slots

  • worldwidefreeride92 4 years ago

    this is shit… skindred is the real fucking ragga-punk fuck this bollocks

  • HichigoRulz 4 years ago

    i dont like these but i like skinred tbh

  • kyle315salone 4 years ago

    ohh well thats good cuz skindred isnt reggae.