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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The Clash between Zeroscape is about to get crazy! “Zeroscape has come out the gate with guns blazing” @ Skindred! with “The Funeral Video Rating: / 5 Zeroscape playing live at the Corktown in Hamilton as part of the Y108 Spring Festival. Video Rating: / 5


  • cruse2382 4 years ago

    really you came at skindred with that crap no wonder skindred never felt the need ta come back at ya

  • frovil 4 years ago

    Just checking out Zeroscape after seeing a comment on a Skindred video ….. my verdict, Skindred win hands down !

  • flamintrousers 4 years ago

    @josen02 3 years!?! skindred bin rocking for about 15 yrs or more, im nearly 30 n i listend to skindred when i was a kid in school!

    the recent release of babylon was a RE-RELEASE!!!

  • 1MIDSON 4 years ago

    Somebody's jealous…..

  • hebrewhammer311 4 years ago

    this dude couldn't hold a candle to benji

  • Jamie Lee 4 years ago

    I vote Skindred. This "comeback" was completely immature. Attention whores…

  • retardedusers 4 years ago

    @oliviahaditall lol Zeroscape is heavier? Please. Skindred doesn't have to make a new song in order to prove themselves. Just listen to any song from any of their albums and it ultimately destroys this petty "challenge".

    Skindred forever. Their music is inspirational to me and not generic crap like this.

  • alxnumberone 4 years ago

    i vote zeroscape.

  • Raz Newman 4 years ago

    what zeroscape song is that?

  • xmetallica21 4 years ago


  • jeremiah landis 4 years ago

    One more vote for skindred, I dont care that they come off poppy, it just gives them a broader appeal, And i think that is what Skindred wants. A very Broad appeal, from teens and younger children, to your mom.

  • angelusbichi 4 years ago

    both good but i'd go 4 skindred

  • Mark Hogan 4 years ago

    have you heard Skindred?

  • Jesus Moses 4 years ago

    _-SkinDred-_ Na Truth?

  • Zen Hyser 4 years ago

    Hrhr, AWESOME. Nice Intro 🙂

  • nagasakimusic 4 years ago

    How about Dred zeppelin?

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