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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Zeroscaping Gardening in Arizona – Xeriscaping Desert Gardening // You have a great house and you want a great garden but in Arizona you may struggle with typical gardening techniques. With that in mind maybe you should try Zeroscaping and/or Xeriscaping where there is minimal plants to water and only native plants that thrive in the hot dry conditions. In populated desert areas of the United States xeriscaping is king due to its many benefits for the arid climate. Xeriscaping is a concept that began in Colorado in an effort to conserve water and has spread throughout the Southwestern portion of the United States. The basic premise is utilizing water efficient landscape designs which are also aesthetically-pleasing. Many opt for turf landscaping which helps to conserve water and save money. However, turf landscape does not look realistic. Visitors to the neighborhood can tell it is not a real lawn. With Xeriscaping, there are an endless number of designs which are much more aesthetically-pleasing than the turf alternative. Also, weeds only grow in the spring so you will not have to regularly remove them. We love all that there is to living and loving Arizona – Join us as we share places to go in AZ, tips & tricks for living AZ lifestyle & more! Our 3 vacation rental links below Windsor – Scottsdale – Lewis – Video Rating: / 5


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    A hammock is a great idea 😉

  • Marketing Matters 4 weeks ago

    We love our outdoor time in AZ!!! Great ideas on how to do the yard right!

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