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Well after 4 1/2 days of solid digging and getting the neighbour’s tractor back with the rotor tiller to till the huge chunks of dirt we are finally ready to layout the garden to start planting this weekend. The rock pile turned out to be massive considering this was lawn area I would of never thought there was so much stone hidden under the grass. The soil is perfect feels like air bed when you walk on it, which is going to make it so much easier for the plants roots to grow. We have staked out the layout of the garden which we planned out first on paper, last night I prepared the 25 poles for the supports for the heirloom peas, beans and tomatoes which we are going to install tonight, if everything goes as planned tonight we will put the wire up tomorrow and should be planting our seeds on Sunday. Once we have the support poles installed tonight we’ll post another video before we install the wire on Saturday.

#02 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Preparing to layout the garden

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  • moviematcanada


    Yes Mushroom compost 277 bags of it, it was left over from a business that closed 5? or 6 years ago,
    8-9 yards of fine hydro grade sand,
    6 bags (20kg) lime,
    12 large bails of Peat Moss
    and a lot of sweat and blisters, 42 hours of hand digging, and 3 times with a tractor with a rottotiller and bang you have it.
    Oh the Rocks where a bonus, the pile looks pretty good in the yard!

  • dirint

    Wow. this is amazing! Could you tell us what you put into the soil again? did you say mushroom compost and sand and lime? Where did? you get the mushroom compost? 🙂

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