068. Omgivning: Adaptive reuse of existing buildings in Los Angeles

In this episode, I invited Roberto Vazquez, project director of Omgivning, to talk about the adaptive reuse of existing buildings in Los Angeles. Omgivning website: Instagram: Founded in 2009, Omgivning initially focused on revitalizing downtown Los Angeles through the adaptive reuse of existing buildings and spaces. Over the years, they have expanded their services, designed for various adaptive reuse and new construction projects, and continued to expand their influence in Greater Southern California and beyond. Today, their design works involve more than 500 projects, from 2 million square feet of historical landmarks to small local cafes. From boutique hotels, multi-family residences, workplaces to retail, catering and theater design, their projects are warm environments and become an important part of the community. Subscribe to our email newsletter: Social Media LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/cre-media Instagram: Please contact us here: Disclaimer: This commercial real estate podcast is for commercial real estate professionals, institutions and investors only . The speaker is expressing his/her (their) views and opinions on economic conditions, financing plans and characteristics. The views expressed in this program are for reference and educational purposes only, and do not imply applicability. Each situation is unique, and the applicability of all plans should be independently reviewed before investing. The views and opinions expressed only represent the views of the speaker, and do not reflect the views of their employers, institutions and associations. This information is not as investment advice, nor is it about investment advice. The speaker and his company are not your trustees. **.


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