10 24 12 ElCamino Pontiac nose video in Desert Valley

subscription! Thank you. Hi, this is CORVAIRWILD. About me and my work: First of all, I have loved my wife for many years, she is a wonderful lady. I call her Mrs. CW. Without her and my Dog Muggs, I can’t go anywhere! He’s very cool. You should also have a dog like him. Secondly, I am a landlord, no, not a slum owner who rents out Article 8 apartments, but I treat my property as my own… they are my own! It’s like I live there. I have many apartment buildings, a farm in the country, and houses everywhere. I’m always doing something, driving rehabilitation, you say it! I want to include you, so I brought my camera! everywhere! Haha. enjoy your meal. Did I mention that I am a car enthusiast! I cannot buy enough Covairs, Vintage Chevy and GMC trucks. They are highly reliable… the best vehicle on all roads is the Corvair Spider Turbo. Back to trucks, I like diesel trucks and suburbs, and I like Trailblazers. This is what I used to plow the snow. Fisherman snow plow. I am very busy, but I have time to accompany you. Thank you! Continuous wave.


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