3 indoor plants that can thrive in the bathroom: cold mode

I saw a lot of blogs and information about the best home plants in the bathroom. But are humidity and light really flexible? Especially those who do not have enough ventilation in the first place. In this video, I will introduce 3 very hardy plants that can thrive for months in a bathroom without light. 1. Cactus Put the cactus in the bathroom, it can almost stand on its own. Because it is mostly damp, at least, you don’t need to water it to avoid root rot. 2. Snake plants Orchidaceae are widely known as snake plants. Basically, you can place them anywhere as long as they are properly watered. You don’t have to water it like a cactus, but if you do, make sure to put it under indirect light after watering, and then take it back to the toilet after all the water in the plant has been rinsed. About three to five days. 3. ZZ plants may be the most common plants in your home. Almost everyone has. The reason for the large number is that it does not require care. Even if you don’t water it for months, they can actually survive on their own. The best indoor plant to put in the bathroom in this list, because in addition to being cheap, it is also a beautiful indoor plant. ____________________________________________________________________ Thanks for watching! ! ! If you have any suggestions for technology or anything under the sun that would like me to make a video or have any reaction to this video, please leave a comment below! Arvic’s Instagram: Facebook page: Music:.


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