5 tips to improve the landscape of Phoenix

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5 tips for improving the landscape of Phoenix View the full blog: www.azlawns.com/improvelandscape Do you plan to make some improvements to the landscape of your house? 1. We recommend that the trees in the house be on the south and west sides of the house to provide shade protection for your house in the hot summer. This can make your utility bill smaller, and it can also prevent direct sunlight from hitting the windows. 2. Use trees to cover neighbors’ roofs to keep the backyard private and comfortable. 3. Desert plants are important to use in your landscape because they are not susceptible to insects and diseases. If you choose native species, the lifespan of the plant or tree is more likely to last longer. We like to recommend the University of Arizona Water Users Association guide to choose local plants and trees: 4. Use shrubs and plants to cover the block walls of the backyard. Even if your yard is small, we also like to use flowering shrubs facing the window, Looking inside out, you will see beautiful green instead of walls. It is best to choose shrubs from the links provided above, but if you have grass in your backyard, it will create a microclimate and make it easier for certain tropical plants such as hibiscus to grow. 5. Finally, we recommend using turf only in the space you might use, which is most likely in the backyard. Grass is not native to Arizona, so if you are from the Midwest, it is difficult to understand that the most common grass in Phoenix is ​​Bermuda, which is not even needed in most parts of the country. Therefore, if you do use turf, make sure it is in your backyard where pets and family members can use the turf, and keep it away from walls and houses, because water on hard ground is very corrosive. If you have other questions, please visit www.azlawns.com and contact AMS Landscaping. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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