6 common beautification myths that Phoenix homeowners should know

Since 1999, I have been a landscape architect in Phoenix, Arizona. Every week, we hear many common questions. These questions seem easy for us to answer, but they are common misunderstandings about the climate of the southwest desert landscape. I have heard these voices many times over the years, so I think this will be a great video to share with our customers and followers. Misunderstanding 1: Due to abundant sunlight, turf grows well in the desert. Why can’t I make the turf look like a golf course or a baseball field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play? Although it can be done, it usually takes a lot of time and money to keep these places green at all times. Golf courses have full-time gardeners who mow their greens every day and constantly give the lawn the attention it needs to maintain this state. You will still see a lot of damage in places where there is a lot of traffic and the teeing ground. As you can see in this picture taken in July 2016, even for Chase Field, it is difficult to keep their fields green (see link below). This is why you will see artificial turf in baseball stadiums in 2019. The turf of Phoenix does grow here, and the effect is best when there is less traffic in the sun. If you do not have these two conditions at the same time, you are likely to encounter defects, as long as you understand that we live in the hot desert. Misunderstanding 2: When plants or trees freeze in winter, they die immediately. In the winter, the plants will freeze and the customer wants to replace them immediately. This comment will be made at this time. We usually recommend to wait until the weather gets warmer in March before observing whether plants and trees have completely died. (1.21) Misunderstanding 3: Most plants grow here because we have plenty of sunshine when we arrive here in Phoenix. These problems are usually encountered when our clients have recently moved here and want to have the same oasis as California or Florida. Because our desert climate is very dry, it is difficult to keep every plant growing here all the year round. Sometimes, good results can be obtained by using non-native plants or trees, but usually it is inconsistent. This is the connection between native plants and desert climate: Misunderstanding 4: Weeds are sprayed, so they won’t come back for a few months. We usually treat weeds with post-emergence, these weeds will kill the grass or weeds in the granite area within 7 days, and we guarantee these results. However, if we do not add pre-emergence treatment, we cannot guarantee that weeds will not come back. A 6-month warranty is provided for all broad-leaved weeds before emergence. (3.12) Misunderstanding 5: Replacing artificial turf will reduce maintenance costs. If you receive service once a week or every two weeks, and you plan to reduce the service to once a month, then this is correct. The misunderstanding here is that since we are not mowing the lawn all the time, the maintenance of lawn care is reduced. However, the time required for blowing the turf is almost the same as the time required for mowing. Therefore, if you do not need to blow away the turf, you can reduce some costs, but we usually find that if the turf is not cleaned, there will usually be problems with leaves and debris, which looks terrible. (4.01) Myth 6: Mowing the grass once a month can save me money. We try to save money for our customers by serving every 2 weeks instead of once a week, but if you can’t use real Bermuda grass or winter rye in the fall, it will incur high pasture fees, which may be more than what you only spend Much money. Receive service every 2 weeks. (5.27) If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact AMS Landscaping. Please call (602) 944-0421 to contact our Phoenix office, or thank you! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat via @azlawns. .


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