6 crazy things you didn’t know about Garden Answer

6 crazy things you didn’t know about gardens. Answers 1. They started their channel as a hobby. Laura and her husband Aaron both like to shoot and garden together. They started shooting garden tutorials in 2014 as a hobby. 2. Initially, she worked in her parents’ garden center. Before starting Garden Answer, Laura worked full-time in her parents’ garden center. She can do everything from helping customers and displaying products to placing orders and caring for new factories. 3. They quit their jobs and focus on gardening. Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier did other jobs before starting their YouTube channel Garden Answer as a side project they could do together on the weekend. When they realized they could make a living from this, they quit their full-time job and decided to devote all their energy to gardening. 4. Their company is experiencing exponential growth. After uploading 1,000 videos to their channel, Aaron’s Fun Laura has been able to expand their staff and garden. They have just upgraded from 1/6 acre to a more spacious house with 2 acres of gardens. 5. Initially, she only knew how to garden in the High Desert Zone 5 When she and her husband decided to start their canal, Laura only knew how to garden in the High Desert Zone 5, especially the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. 6. They have a contact who produces content for Proven Winners, Aaron and Laura LeBoutillier have successfully signed a contract to produce consistent gardening videos and content for Proven Winners. Proven Winners is a leading gardening supply store that provides plants to wholesale growers. This is an important milestone in their career. ►Disclaimer ◄ I believe that all the content used falls within the scope of fair use, but if any content owner raises an objection to this, I will immediately delete the content without hesitation. I have no intention of infringing on their content ownership in any way. If you happen to find your artwork or pictures in the video, please let me know and I will be happy to thank you/remove these. Enterprise email: qualityscript01@gmail.com.


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