A new idea: a talk with rangers in Joshua Tree National Park

The Deschutes Public Library Foundation and its sponsors (including Lonza, Oregon Cultural Trust, Round House Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management Corporation, and Oregon Community Foundation’s EH & ME Bowerman Advised Fund) are A Novel Idea’s Free programming provides the possibility. You can support the work of the foundation by donating to the desert landscape in Laila Lalami’s “Other Americans”, bringing comfort and probation to Nora and her late father, Dries. In this video, Joshua Tree Park rangers talked about the unique desert ecosystem and highlighted some of the adaptability of plants and animals in the Mojave Desert, as well as showing plants in their natural habitats. The show was originally broadcast live from the Mojave Desert. Joshua Tree National Park was established in 1994 and provides habitats for 813 higher plants, 46 reptiles, 57 mammals and more than 250 birds. Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert, converge in Joshua Tree National Park. Various fascinating plants and animals make their homes in this land shaped by strong winds and occasional downpours. The dark night sky, rich cultural history and surreal geological features add wonder to this vast wilderness of Southern California. The park rangers of the educational team provide virtual field trips and demonstrations to audiences across the country.


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