Agave Essence: 30 easy-care ornamental agaves that can be used in gardens and landscapes

You will find 30 exquisite and indispensable agaves, all of which are easily available or are coming soon. In the description below, find the name and photo of the video itself in my book “Design with Succulent Plants” (pages 168-180) and the newly updated Agave gallery on my website. #龙舌兰#龙舌兰#Do you know the agave plant? Even if you don’t like tequila, you can still enjoy the video. For people who are addicted to meat, this is a sugar factory. If you agree, please click the “Like” button of the video, leave a comment, and-if you have not done so, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Get time-tested skills and cute design ideas! I made a video based on the agave part of the best-selling book “The Design of Succulents”. Both the videos and books explain what you need to know to successfully select and grow agave, and show you the ones that are best for garden close-up and ground use. Some are cold-resistant to 15 degrees or lower! By the way, when they were very small, they all created amazing container factories. Agave and toughness in the film (the lowest temperature they can tolerate before freezing): Agave (the plant of the century) to mid-1920s F Agave’Marginata’ to high 20s F Agave’Mediopicta Alba’ ( Tailless agave) to high 20 seconds Fahrenheit agave’Marginata’ to 20 Fahrenheit agave fox tail agave (fox tail agave) to 32 Fahrenheit agave’Blue flame’ to 25 Fahrenheit dragon ‘Blue light’ to 20 degrees Fahrenheit agave bovicornuta to 25 degrees Fahrenheit agave (green spider agave) to 10 degrees Fahrenheit agave’Chisum’ (hardness unknown) agave’Cornelius’ to 15 F dragon ‘Variegata’ to 25 F Agave’Joe Hoak’ to 25 F Agave filifera ssp. schidigera, variegated to 15 F agave Gemini to 25 F agave guiengola to 25 F agave gypsophila to 25 F agave’Quadricolor’ to 15 F agave nickel (Ferdinand-regis) To 10 F agave oval (whale tongue agave) to 5 F agave parryi (Parry’s agave) to -20 F agave parryi’Truncata’ to 15 F agave’Sharkskin’ To 10 F agave shawii (Shaw’s agave) to 25 F agave tequila agave victoria-reginae (Queen Victoria agave) to 10 F agave vilmoriniana (octopus agave) to 20 F Agave vilmoriniana’stained glass’ to 25 F? Agave weberi (Weber’s Agave) to 25 F. Agave weberi’Arizona Star’ to 25 F? Related information Agave page on Debra website: Debra’s YouTube Agave playlist: online success resources-Hilltop Garden:-Ultraman Plants: DEBRA LEE BALDWIN’s book-Designed with succulents (mainly underground gardening),-Succulents simplified (Good overview (for beginners),-succulent container garden, connect with DEBRA-Facebook: @DebraLeeBaldwinOfficial-Instagram: @debralbaldwin-website:-Newsletter: Subscribe-YouTube: About DEBRA Award-winning garden photojournalist and best-selling author Debra Lee Baldwin shares his expertise on “plants that drink responsibly” in prints, photos, videos and her “Celebrate the Joy of Succulents” newsletter. Debra is headquartered in Southern California has more succulent professional nurseries and growers than anywhere else in the world.


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