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http://www.allotment-diary.co.uk Just a quick demonstration of how I go about planting my potatoes on the allotment. How to plant grow potatoes.

Allotment Diary : How to plant potatoes : Planting / Growing Potatoes on the Allotment

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  • DenyEverything1977

    I have to say Dan I love your Northern ‘no? nonsense’ approach. You have really demystified veg growing for me! All other videos on growing veg etc are 5-6 mins long and way over complicate things. You remind me of the Peter Kay adverts! LOL

    Thanks very much.

  • dominicanhombre

    What is the fertilizer you’re using? If I do go with manure, should I place it in the trench with the potatoes and compost? I’m a bit perplexed on that point. ? I’ve just converted my backyard into a garden and that’s one of the things I’ll be growing. Any other small pieces of information would be appreciated also. Thanks.

  • TheFoodiesBooks

    Love this video, it is clear and covers the basics well without going off at tangents. I have used it in an advice section of my website which is for parents and teachers to get children growing. Do let me know if that is ok with you. You tube? won’t let me post the link here but it is on The Foodies website (dot org) and is in the How To Section, in Growing Things, on the article about Growing Potatoes In A Vegetable Bed. Thanks for a great video!

  • zsianz1

    I love your videos, it’s really interesting to see how you do things 🙂 thanks? for making them, they are helping me a lot with my veggies!!

  • jihadacadien

    Oh I try? to work all my growing dirt. It gives better results and since my soil is filled with rocks I take time to take a lot of them out.

  • allotmentdiary

    It’s always best to dig a trench if possible as you break up the soil that the potatoes will grow in and they? seem to grow better in the looser soil.
    But if your soil’s not well cultivated then potatoes are a good crop to break it up for you, if you just dig a hole and plant a spud in it they’ll do the work for you.

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