Amazing cacti and succulents (the world’s most spectacular plants episode 11, 14 episodes in total)

The 11th episode of the world’s most spectacular plants, a total of 14 episodes Cacti and succulents can grow in the driest corners of our world… It may not rain in this place for many years. Many people survived through amazing adaptations. From huge cactus columns to spurges with deadly sap. Window plants (leaves transparent) to pebble plants (leaves imitating stones). In this movie, follow Stewart McPherson and explore the world’s most unusual cacti and succulents, which you can grow at home. We will uncover the secrets behind rainbow cacti, spiral cacti and even cacti shaped like brains! This is the eleventh in the fourteen “World’s Most Spectacular Plants” video series. Please visit to watch the rest of this series! .


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