10-1-17 NOTHING, AZ – A pyramid, a human foot, a claw, right angles like a puzzle, and more.

Lost city in the Arizona desert. Megalithic ruins, reptile claws, human hands, right-angle cuts. Who made this? The Truth is Out There … in the Arizona desert!

Does nature carve out a human hand in the rock? How about right-angle cuts like pieces to a puzzle? I count at least three bird claws. Can you spot them. Just like the Egyptian “bird gods?”

Since the government is tearing them down, I assume the history is valuable and must be covered up.

The history is of a world-wide connected civilization. We are supposed to believe Columbus discovered America. He thought he rediscovered India, but that’s “their” story and the’re sticking to it.

But I’m not….

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Ancient sacrificial center found in the Arizona desert?

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