Anecdote about cactus, goodness and beauty

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Why do cacti have thorns? Does the cactus have flowers? Where do cacti grow and flourish? Let’s learn one of the most unique plants in the world: cacti! We will discuss interesting facts about cacti in this interesting science video attached to the science department of The Good and Beautiful Botany. This video is a great resource for any home school science course. Introduction: (0:00) Environment: (0:47) Thorn: (2:00) Stem: (2:14) Root System: (2:35) Flower: (2:48) Conclusion: (3:24) ___________________________________________________ 👉Check out our botany department: ___________________________________________________ ✨Other popular science departments: Space Science: Geology: Arthropods: 🎬Useful resources: How to organize a good and beautiful science department: How to organize a family study day: 🔔Visit and Subscribe to more information videos: Goodness and Beauty: Goodness and Beauty Children’s Channel: Goodness and Beauty Science Channel: 📚Beautiful and Beautiful Courses: Science: Language Arts: Mathematics: Handwriting: History: High School: Elective Courses:.


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