Arizona Gardens in May: Garden Tour and what to do and grow

🌱Introduction 00:00 🌱How to prepare your garden for the heat 00:31 🌱Covering tips 00:45 🌱Watering tips 01:29 🌱Shading tips 02:44 🌱Vegetable tips on May 3🌱 May 6 Sunday’s flowers and plants tips 00:45 🌱Watering tips: 16 🌱Fruit tips in May 07:53 🌱Vanilla tips in May 09:40 🌱Garden tour 10:28 Learn what to do this month to have one The summer garden of success. In hot summer areas, what can you plant in May? How can I prepare my garden for summer? What type of shade cloth should I use? What should be planted in May? Why is my garden not growing? How do I water my garden? How to water your landscape plants. * Which vegetables to plant and whether to plant seeds or transplant. * Which garden tasks should be completed to help your garden survive and prosper in May. Want to know more? Arizona Garden March: Arizona Planting Calendar: Arizona Planting Guide: Seed Start Guide: Fruit Guide: Seed Source: Now Seed Renee’s Citrus Fertilizer: Citrus Package: Citrus Coating: Citrus Tree Coating: Fruit Tree Fertilizer: Tomato Fertilizer: Plant Label: Paint pen: Rachio Sprinkler Controller: Soil test kit: Link to purchase garden grid: Use code “Angela10” to save $10 on top of $100. Support growing in the garden Amazon store: Buying harvest calendar: Seeds: Buying watering grids now: Growing the raised bed mix from Arizona Worm Farm in the garden: Learn more about more places to find and learn in the garden Blog: Instagram : Facebook :Pinterest: Thanks for watching! #howtogrowyourownfood# grow in the garden# gardening techniques#inmygardentoday#vegetablegarden#ediblegarden#gardenlovers#mygardenthismonth#growyourownfood#organicgarden#desertgarden#arizonagarden#hotsummergardentip#hotsummergarden#hotsummergardening#lowdesertgardening#


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