Arizona Zone9b Low Desert AZ What can be grown in July

The three and a half rains last week made me believe that the monsoon season will be better than expected, and it will definitely be better than last year. Last week, I started planting three sisters on my raised bed. I spent a lot of time preparing the bed and planting to get the best yield. I have planted three sisters before, with little success, but this year I completely changed the way I play. I will share more later. Together with the 3 sisters (corn, beans and pumpkin), you planted a lot of things in the garden in July. This is what I want to share today. PS If you want Halloween pumpkins, plant them now! #WhatYouCanPlantInJuly #WhatYouCanPlantInJulyZone9b #WhatYouCanPlantInJulyArizona #MonsoonGardening #ArizonaGardening #HowToGrowVegetablesInArizona #ArizonaVegetableGarden #Zone9bGarden #ArizonaVegetableGarden #Lowington #ArizonaVegetableGarden #Lowington #ArizonaGarden


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