Autumn Fun English Garden Tour🍁 || The Last Bright Night🌙

Tonight the clock goes back one hour and we will return to the dark night-the only good thing is that we will get an extra hour tomorrow, the last day of October 2021. I just sat inside and looked out the window and the garden had that beautiful orange “end of autumn” atmosphere, so I just need to go outside and show you a quick tour of the garden. This is a wonderful time of the year, the colors of all plants are changing, and the leaves are falling, forming a magical carpet of vibrant yellow, brown and red. I won’t even consider all the work needed to clear them all…I will worry about it someday. ☺️ If you want to join my Facebook page, also called The Enthusiastic Gardener, you can find it by clicking this link: I also have fun in your garden on Instagram @the_cultic_gardener! Enthusiastic Gardener Janet .


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