Balcony gardening in Dubai (my plants in the desert)

#gardeninginsmallspace #plantsandflowerslover #gardensecrets #gardening tips #gardening #reusingandrecycling #Scheffleraplant #pothosplant Hi, guys…Hello world, especially everyone who likes plants and flowers…Iā€™m g Laudina G., just want to share with you my gardening ideas and skills how to grow and care for plants and flowers in hot countries, where there are different kinds of plants, the same as what I have: 1. Golden Pothos or money plants 2. Hawaiian dwarf umbrella tree (Schefflera) 3. Sweet pepper or chili (pidada sa ilonggo) 4. Lucky plant (dwarf variety) So please watch my video and subscribe to my channel for more gardening tips and ideas. ….. And… Thank you very much for believing in me, I now have 56 subscribers… Maraming Salamat.. Daghang Salamat and Madamo nga Salamat! ..


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