Budget Backyard Renovation | Backyard Renovation | Desert Landscape to Lively Backyard (2020)

Backyard renovation low-budget renovation How do I transform the desert landscape into a vibrant backyard Backyard renovation/backyard renovation cost breakdown: “For the demolition of the shed, the competent person asks for 400 US dollars, and I did it for free…The remaining wood I provided for free Facebook market. 》The price of a professional painter for pressure washing, painting fences and terraces was US$3,000, and I bought white exterior paint for US$50, outdoor paint and a sprayer of US$100 for US$60, myself All of this is done, you can see in the video. 》The cost of gravel removal is $150, so I cleaned it up with a trash can and made a landscaping in the mid-end Conner of my backyard. There is not enough sunlight there and we can’t grow plants in that place. 》Artificial turf professionals asked for $400 to install, and the grass itself is worth $800…but I bought this new artificial turf at a huge discount. If you want to know how I bought this artificial grass at such a huge price, please comment the discount below. 》I also spent some money to buy concrete slabs for borders, waterfalls, plants, soil, fertilizer, courtyard swings, tavern suits, water pipes and sprayers. All in all, when I calculate the renovation cost reported by professionals, the tax increase will cost about $5,000. And I finished this work for only $600, and everything in my backyard is new…I didn’t buy anything that was used. If you need to know how I bought these high-quality items at a huge discount, please leave a comment and I will reply. Thanks for watching my video, please like, subscribe and press the bell icon to get the latest updates. #backyard #transformation #makeover #lowbudget #desertlandscape #backyardmakeover #backyardtransformation #backyardtransformationsbeforeandafter #backyardtransformationonabudget.


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