Cacti does not have a chart to monitor that the pppoe interface does not work properly

Problem The cactus diagram that monitors the PPPOE interface does not work properly? I managed to make it monitor the dynamic interface generated on the mikrotik router, but when the interface changes due to the end of the PPPOE session, my problem arises. The next time users log in, they will get a different dynamic interface. Solution Double-click the dynamic interface copy application from the winbox PPP interface. Make sure to delete the previos PPP interface you are copying before applying. Please wait, I think it may take 2 minutes to connect the Dualup account to our PPPOE server. Finally, please go to cacti and try to create the graph, and then try to restart the router after we draw the graph, and then view the graph again. Use pppoe session bye to solve the problem about cacti no graph 100%!


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