Cacti, Live Rocks, and Chihuahua Desert Ruins in West Texas

Another danger from West Texas, where there are many “white” cacti, proves the evolution of plants on limestone for millions of years. You can clearly see how the chalk-colored limestone matrix is ​​chosen to exist in so many cacti, they blend perfectly together, because they can easily find them no matter if they are taken away by heat or herbivores. So many white spines and trichomes, or for Ali Caps, what is such a thick and waxy skin? Does #Epithelantha bokei really look like “a golf ball with a foreskin”? Why are the flowers of #Echinomastus mariposensis so beautiful, while the flowers of Mammilaria pottsii are relatively small and unremarkable? Is Neolloydia conoidea the most ridiculous name of the cacti we have ever encountered? Your contribution supports this content. It sounds cliche, but it is true. Whether it’s travel expenses, vehicle repairs, or medical expenses for urushiol poisoning (or falling rocks, beasts, hand-cuts, poisonous sap, etc.), your financial support can enable the content to continue, so that the flora in the rest of the area is not Everywhere we are among the fallen public. When human footprints are disappearing, CPBBD is willing to make every effort to record these plant species and the ecological communities they belong to, and then disappear forever. Plants make people feel good. Plants quell thoughts of killing (and suicide!). To support criminal payments but not botany, please consider donating a few dollars to the email of the venmo account “societyshell” or PayPal account, or send an email to… or consider becoming a supporter of @ : Buy some CPBBD goods (shirts, hats, hoodies n’what shit) for sale: To buy stickers, venmo 12 yuan to “societyshell”, and leave your address in the comments. You can send Plants ID questions or reading list suggestions to, thank you.


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