Cacti Network Monitoring: Ubuntu: Install, configure and add devices to be mapped

Get the Beacon-Find My Droid: Lightweight and Reliable: This video describes the process of installing Cacti in the Debian distribution of Ubuntu. Cacti is a PHP-based web graphics tool that can be downloaded and installed for free. Cacti can actually be installed in any operating system, but the easiest and cheapest is to have a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu. After the installation is complete, you will enter an actual environment in which the ports of 3com switches in the real world are rarely added to the graphics. Then, add the tree of the new device as the “host” to the “default tree”. You can use the “Graph” option to add a single graphic here. A few minutes after adding the device, the newly developed graphics begin to display. Through this link, you can learn the answers to the following questions: 01. Why use cactus spine? 02. The device is created, but the device status is “unknown” and has not changed… 03. What if we want to monitor a lot of devices? 04. Everything is going well, but the graphics are not displayed? .


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