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Received so many seeds from Lyn and Hans of Desert Plants of Avalon last 21’st of December but only opened it 23’rd as I was not very well before that.

Also on this video I’ll show you some of my recently unboxed cacti and succulents all potted up. Just a few or else this gonna be a very long video haha.

Videos of my recent unboxing 👇🏼

Unboxing Cacti and Succulents from Italy (Giromagi) | Dec 16 | 5 Gymnocalycium, 3 Haworthia and more https://youtu.be/Wg1SlJ2_vHs

Cacti and Succulents Christmas Gift Unboxing from my Husband | Haku Jo, Cool Edge, Rauhii, Echinus.. https://youtu.be/TDECvu5zOt4

Rose Succulent | summer and winter look | Greenovia Aurea | Greenovia Dodrentalis | Aeonium Aureum https://youtu.be/03AWT9Q-z2I
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Cactus seeds gift from Desert Plants of Avalon | some recently unboxed cacti and succulent potted up

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