Caravan in the desert | How to draw desert landscape | High resolution stock photo | CLIPARTO Camel Train | Pencil Shading Step by Step |

Did you know: * The word camel (in Arabic) means beauty. *The camel has three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to prevent sand from entering the eyes. * During sandstorms, camels can completely close their nostrils. * Camels are very strong and can carry 900 pounds a day and travel 25 miles. * Camels can travel at 40 miles per hour-the same as horse racing! _________________________________________________________________________ How to draw a desert landscape with pencil… How to draw a camel train with pencil… How to draw a caravan in the desert… How to draw a camel… How to draw an unusual landscape. .. #desertlandscape #cameltrain #unusuallandscape #cameldrawing #caravandrawing #pencildrawing #pencilshading #aveartz ____________________________________________________________________ I hope you all like Guyzz.. Share with your friends.. Don’t forget to subscribe… ____________________________________________________________________ Click here to subscribe ____________________________________________________________________ My works follow instagram ____________________________________________________________________ Music: YouTube audio library.


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