Carnivorous Plants, Living Fossils and Plant Scientists@UCDavis Campus#BotanicalConservatory #botany

I am very happy to be able to share my visit to the University of California Davis Botanical Garden with everyone around the world. I was fortunate to have an in-depth tour of the facility with Ernesto Sandoval, who is the supervisor and curator of the greenhouse there. What a great gift this is. I have only heard Ernestos’ speeches you can find online so that you can hang out with him. It’s very special. There are many interesting plants in the video, I know you will like it! Thank you for being here. The mission continues… Special thanks to @crazy4cactus for being my road dog and photographer in this epic mission. I can’t imagine that there is no otaku like you! Thank you Artie for establishing contact between Ernesto and me, thank you! I usually make all the beats in the video because music has always been my first love, but this time I used Last but not the least important tunes. If you want, please check my online merchandise store and buy T-shirts or even Hoodies support channel. Check out the University of California Davis School of Music here! Thanks! ! ! .


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