City Council-October 5, 2021

1. Call to order 2. Swear allegiance 3. Vote 4. Call to the public It is time for the public to express their opinions. City council members may not discuss items that are not clearly identified on the agenda. Therefore, in accordance with ARS § 38-431.01 (G), actions taken based on public opinion will be limited to guiding staff to study the matter, respond to any criticism, or arrange the matter for further consideration and decision in the future. 5. Agree that all matters listed here are considered routine matters by the City Council and will be promulgated through a motion. These items will not be discussed separately. If there is a need for discussion, the item will be removed from the agreed agenda and will be considered separately. 5.1. City Council approves meeting minutes-August 17, 2021-meeting minutes-Pdf City Council-September 7, 2021-meeting minutes-Pdf 3-17 5.2. Check Registration August 2021 202-08-CheckRegister 18-26 6. Announcement 6.1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021 Breast Cancer Awareness Month 27 6.2. Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month 28 7. Speech 7.1. A speech from Bird Scooters Company to launch the scooter program in Somerton. Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-196-Pdf 29-42 7.2. Thanks to Cocopah Tribe and Cocopah Police Department for donating two Chevrolet Tahoes for the speech. Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-193-Pdf 43 8. All items of the old business are used for discussion and possible actions. 8.1. Discussion and possible actions to approve the second reading of only the title of Decree No. 2021-008. An decree by the Mayor and Commission of Somerton, Arizona, amended Decree No. 2015-002 and reclassified certain areas of the city as real property described here as APN 195-33-024, a piece of 76.11 Lots of more or less acres are described in more detail in Appendix A, from R-2 (multi-family housing), R1-6 (single-family housing) and open spaces to government districts. 44-47 Page 1 of 141 Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-184-Pdf 9. All items of the new business are used for discussion and possible actions. 9.1. Discussion and possible actions to approve Huber’s Request for Proposal (RFP) to purchase the Huber Multi-Rake Bar Screen for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Bar Screen and Washer Award for US$149,263. Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-194-Pdf 48-91 9.2. Discussion and possible actions to approve Resolution 2021-016. A resolution of the Mayor and City Council of Somerton, Arizona, authorizing and instructing the City of Somerton to acquire, through donations, donations, purchases, exchanges, the ownership and other rights and interests of certain real estate located at 356 North State Avenue or in expropriation As a public need and approve any outstanding condemnation litigation resolution. Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-195-Pdf 92-109 9.3. Discussions and possible actions to approve the issuance of notices of intent to establish or increase municipal costs, including public works, community development, economic development, urban clerk Any and all assessments of the current fee schedules of various city departments composed of, police, and fire departments. Finance, parks, and entertainment. Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-187-Pdf 110-140 10. Summary of Current Events/Future Agenda Items 11. Executive Meeting The City Council can vote to hold an executive meeting in order to obtain legal advice from the City Council lawyer on any issue. “Arizona Amendment Regulations” §38-431.03(A)(3), items on the agenda. 11.1. Vote to enter the executive meeting to discuss or negotiate with the Somerton City Attorney to consider their position and discuss with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against former employees according to ARS § 38- 431.03(A)(4).Agenda Item Report-AIR-21-185-Pdf 141 12. Appendix 13. Adjournment


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