Complete our big spring cleaning/rock bed installation!

This is a big cleanup. We put mushroom compost on the plants in the landscape. We installed a dry river bed to help reduce erosion. We cleared all the beds in the house. Carl and I own and operate a fully insured lawn care and landscaping business in western North Carolina. Our motivation makes it all successful, our four children! Follow us and subscribe to watch various videos, from our adventures in landscaping to our trial and error in natural agriculture! Happy bee! Find us on IG Follow us on FB! Happy’s Lawn Care Asheville #sheinspiresme #happyslawncareandlandscaping #entrepreneur #lawncareandlandscaping #beehappy #growthecommunity #lawncarenation #lawntrepreneur #husbandandwife #team #ferris #stihl This is a link to our Amazon store. Thank you to everyone who supports us through our link shopping. If you want to try Jobber, then when you click on the link below, you will get a 20% monthly discount for 6 months. * This is our link, you can enjoy a 20% discount on Jobber within 6 months. We use and pay for Jobber in our lawn and landscaping business, which makes our lives easier. If you use our link, we will receive a referral fee, so we appreciate all your support! We use Amazon so frequently because busy takes over everything! Thanks to anyone who made purchases through our Amazon affiliate links! This is the link of Sansi Lighting Wing Light. This is a link to the Corona handsaw, and we store it in the truck in case we need it. This is the link to the Stihl logo hat I am wearing! This is the link to the Mole Scram Professional we are using! Good things are also the cheapest we found! Check out our video, what do we use to make moles! We only recently became an affiliate of Amazon and added links to some of our videos from our favorite products. Most of the time, we use these products every day. If you do purchase on Amazon, even though it is not a product but still go through our link, we will still get a referral fee. We are very grateful for any support! .


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