Lomandra ‘TANIKA’ has proven itself around the world to be a drought tolerant and low maintenance plant that looks great. ‘LITTLE JESS’ is a compact, clumping ornamental Dianella similar in habit to a dwarf, non-invasive bamboo. Ideal for roadsides, mass planting, Japanese style gardens, as an accent plant, foliage or grassy gardens and in low water requirement gardens, Little Jess is very hardy, exhibiting excellent drought and frost tolerance. ‘NYALLA’ is an improved semi-compact fine leaf blue grey form of the popular Lomandra longifolia. Nyalla is 20% larger and is more upright than the popular Tanika. ‘KATRINUS DELUXE’ is the new and improved form of Katrinus. Like Katrinus, it has outsanding performance. However, Katrinus Deluxe has bigger and better flowers, a finer leaf and a more dense and compact form. WINGARRA is a compact, clumping, ornamental, blue foliage plant. Similar in habit to a tussock grass, but rarely needs trimming. ‘CASSA BLUE’ has compact rich blue foliage with a far superior display compared to most Dianellas. Foliage grows to approximately 50cm in height with a spread of approximately 40cm. ‘LITTLE REV’ is a compact, blue clump forming plant with excellent foliage contrast all year. Growing 30-40cm tall by 30cm wide. Velvet Range Landscape Kangaroo Paws have gone back to basics and regathered the toughness of the original larger varieties, but with a mid sized height. They are very drought tolerant and have better frost tolerance,
cleaner Foliage, more disease tolerant, much more resistant to black spot. Smaller ones get disease, and larger ones although tough may be too large for many landscapes. ‘FLAMIN’ is a semi compact Phormium, with red, orange and bronze tones. Although it is a single colour Phormium, it uniquely has this tri-tone appearance.
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Creating a Low Maintenance Drought Tolerant Garden | Lomandra, Dianella and Phormium

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