Cxsinensis-cactus feat. Amorpho (video official)

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The movie is played on the cactus, played in the video clip, and played in the video clip. …A primer on audio and video, played on Ernesto Ruvalcaba y yo como, played on La La dec. dú (ø). Estar cerca de la mar marempempe me regresa al centro, la engera que la costa meregaló and los momentos compartidos con mi gente durante el rodaje de este video video Recordaron la importancia de parar escribir memorias en un c donaminode la prisce serres. Si for a alguna forma has conectado con lo que hasta hoy he hecho, in vito a darte una vuelta por mi canal y apoyar mi proyecto, suscríbete, checa las playlist que me he he armado, tripea este y varios otros de mis video, dejameun video …how important it is, I’m still Gustalya Tenerte Cherka. A canal in Suscríbete, near Serca Mi Precto. This is a reproduction of CXSINENSIS SESIONES 16barras sobre Síguemeen Instagram Síguemeen Spotify último Lanzamiento [CACTI]

Muchas gracias por escucharme, leerme y seguirme, decorazónlo aprecio mucho. lyrics. It’s been a while now, and it’s been a while since I wrote it. Will I figure out what I think? Talk to myself, be my soul on the high and low, don’t let me go. You are what I once had and will have, that’s what I know I’m trapped in an unquiet room and have to put my notebook in Over-thinking on dieting. I’ve been thinking and telling me that I’m going to deny it, I don’t even know to depend, I know to resist, I know it’s because I have to continue to fight a giant that’s pulling and pushing myself on the floor like a tyrant It’s like a lie… I’m going to stay. I’m not playing. I’m just saying that everyone I know complains about the boring boring butt of the old foot that they choose to complain about. Life. That’s how I say I’m tired of the pain. The emotions dissipated into the brain. The loud train found a way, which is making me feel like a prey. Let me talk and let me hear you talking about the brain. Wow, stop, I can’t accept this kind of shit, a lot Do you know let us forget about it how should I fucking figure out if I don’t care about it, wow wow wow wow shit I think I’ve done it, I forgot you know I don’t care I just want you to know how much love I have Your and me feelings Mas Cara Issoémuito diferenteVocênãopode falar sem us a mente Porra Acho que aindanãoentende a vidatáaqui pravocêestar contente a vidaélocaéloca demais Fatores como os soisis e cult Falou Black falou Black falou Black mortesãoatemporais Humildade de verdade Agora and gente ta vivendo numa sociedade Ondenãotemsensibilidade Serentirsa insa A natural sense of nature tar procoraçãoDeixar aaçãoDeixar o uso darazãoDeixa que afrequênciate alcance e mandeal carstand afrequênciate alcance e mande afrequênciate alcance e mande afrequênciate alcance e mande afrequênciate aho praven cardo praven cardo praven to embo praven cardo pravencar to confo prahoal to confo prasal to confo pramanal car pramanal to confal ) Or solve the problem in Mandarin? Whether to solve the problem in a temporary way? From now to today, without any contract, there will be no more illegal acts. de los lamentos Usto de la Tesnica del Pesamineto Ecuador Memorial to the ancient city of Puta, the monumental building museum to commemorate the ancient city of Puta, to commemorate the ancient town of Poi, to commemorate the ancient city of Puerta Hall


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