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California travel expert Veronica Hill provides a guide to the desert animals living in the desert in this episode of “California Travel Tips”. The Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert is home to some of the most common desert animals in North America. Plan to enjoy this beautiful 1,200-acre park for at least a full day. You will find plenty of animals in our California desert, from cute bobcats and cunning coyotes to majestic cougars. If you want to see the activities of animals, be sure to arrive early in the morning. By noon, many people had returned to their caves to take a nap, taking a breather from the hot desert. A bright spot for me was a glimpse of two endangered species-the desert bighorn sheep found in the Rocky Mountains of California, and the beautiful Mexican wolf once found throughout the southwest. This is also one of the few places where you can find rare small desert silver carp, which can survive in waters above 100 degrees. If you like bird watching, this is a good place to see some beautiful desert birds up close, from roadrunners and hummingbirds to golden eagles and great horned owls. Looking up at the sky, you may see a Harris Hawk landing. I hope you enjoy this quick tour of living desert animals. Just don’t forget to dress for the hot Palm Springs weather, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and of course a camera! The Living Desert 47-900 Portola Avenue, Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-346-5694 Subscribe! Like me, follow me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and follow me on Instagram.


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