Desert Gardens at Ayers Rock Resort

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Imagine waking up to the sunrise view of Uluru, shining red under the sunny inland sky. Desert Garden Hotel is the only room in Ayers Rock Resort with Uluru view. The hotel has a total of 218 elegant rooms located in an oasis of pristine gardens, a good place to relax after a day of adventure. Accommodation options are varied, ranging from luxurious rock-view rooms to shady poolside rooms. Each room is located under a towering gum tree canopy, and there are garden beds covered with native shrubs and flowers. Enjoy Arnguli Grill & Restaurant, the premier a la carte dining venue at Ayers Rock Resort. Stop at Mangata Bistro & Bar, enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, and enjoy a light meal for lunch and dinner. Stay at the Desert Garden Hotel: Dine at Arnguli Grill: Dine at Mangata Bistro & Bar: Learn more: Subscribe to more Ayers Rock Resort videos: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Music: Tjukurpa Ninti by Stewart Gaykamangu.


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