Desert landscaping

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The county recorder is the place to find information about water rights authorization. Hi, hi, John McCormick and Las Vegas’ two-minute real estate video blog is here. One problem that some people in the Southwest encounter when buying a house is that they intend to beautify the desert into lawn or turf. The difficulty is that the desert landscape is usually beautified due to the purchase of the desert landscape by the water department. [easement 00:00:33] Oppose the installation of desert landscaping on property. Desert landscaping is basically paid for by the water department to save water. If you plan to move into that house and change it back to the lawn, you must reimburse the water authority for its efforts. It was a sad day when the new owner entered the house to beautify the desert landscape into a lawn, and the water department got help from the wind and sent the difference bill to the owner. It can be $6,000-$8,000. You can easily avoid this problem by going to the county recorder and reviewing the content recorded for the attribute before you make an offer. If the water authority in your area has reservations about properties with desert landscapes, please be careful. If you are an agent, please tell your potential buyers. We can avoid many problems just by doing homework. thank you. .


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