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Despite the odds, some tough (or should I say well adapted) plants manage to survive in these tertius wastelands. In today’s video we will learn about Prickly Cacti, Beautiful Date Palms, Amazing Aloe Vera and the Clever Acacia tree.

1. Spines – The Spines not only protect the cactus from wild animals; but also reflect sunlight to keep it cool and can catch water from the air when its foggy.

2. Roots – The roots spread out wide instead of growing deep. This helps the cactus to absorb as much water as it can for the short periods it rains.

3. Stem – The Cactus’ stem is waxy to prevent it from loosing water.

Date Palm

1. Spines – The Date Palm also has Spines to protect it from wild animals.

2. Leaves – Its leaves grow fast so animals can’t eat them and protect the rest of the plant from the sun.

3. Roots – Its roots not only spread wide but also grow deep into the ground.

Aloe Vera (Succulents)

1. Spines – The Spines not only protect the plant from animals.

2. Roots – Also spread wide to absorb water when it rains.

3. Leaves – The leaves are are waxy to prevent it from loosing water and are wide to store water.

Acacia Tree

1. Spines – The protect the plant from animals.

2. Roots – Also spread wide and deep into the ground.

3. Ants – The tree has formed a mutual relationship with stinging ants which helps to protect it from other wild animals.

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