DIY Backyard Renovation | Redesign and renovation of outdoor space landscaping from start to finish!

My family and I decided to design a lot of new plants around the terrace and outdoor seating area! I show you the front and back of the backyard and provide you with ideas and inspiration for the garden. This is the entire process of transforming the garden from beginning to end, including the purchase of flowers and plants, finishing with beautifying rocks, breeding ground cover plants, and all the laughter between fathers. I hope you will appreciate the development of space and the growth of plants in the past few months in my DIY beautification blog! We are beautifying with beautiful sunshine plants (Azalea, Maui ixora, Baby Desert Sun Rose, and Dwarf Miscanthus) in Orlando, Florida. #gardenmakeover #plants #capsing beautification keywords: beautification, beautification ideas, garden beautification, front yard beautification ideas, front yard beautification, diy beautification, beautification diy, beautification design, simple beautification, beautification and lawn care, gardening, gardening ideas, beautification Idea home, gardening vlog, gardening 2021, garden, garden vlog, garden trip, home garden, garden ideas, garden design, garden ideas, garden inspiration, vlog for home garden, landscape, landscape design, my landscape , Landscape plants, landscape garden, home garden, home garden renovation, garden renovation, terrace renovation, outdoor space renovation, outdoor space renovation, backyard renovation, backyard renovation, backyard, backyard, landscaping design, front and back landscaping, backyard landscaping, backyard landscaping , Patio renovation, garden renovation🌿contact me🌿IG: @succulentcooking for plants and food! (TIKTOK: @plant_mama for bite-sized plant content and comedy! (EMAIL: for partnership! 🌿 Products I use 🌿 full list + discount: *Cheap and cute humidifier: *Moisture, ph and illuminance meter: *Plant shelf you may see in some of my videos: *Soil: As I discover more plant products I like, this list will continue to grow, please check my Linktree for Get the latest information! Disclaimer: I have shared the products I actually use, but please note that Amazon Associate links are provided, which means that I get a small amount of money from the purchases made in these links (you don’t need to pay extra Cost). No need to use these links, but it really helps to support me and my channel, so if you want, I am very grateful for do!! Let me know if you want to make more of the plant products I use and love Many suggestions! 🌿Credit🌿*Introduction and ending designed by the excellent and talented @danielleedits on TikTok! Follow her and contact her at for consultation. .com (tell her plant mom to send it to you !) *Music: 🌿Fight for justice🌿BLA CK life is important! *Support BLM in the factory community: *Anti-racism resource guide: *The world without police will be: *Lots of resources and links to Google Drive of Black Revolutionary text: *Donated to organizations that support BLM: *Donated to organizations that support children separated by ICE from their families in detention facilities: 🌿Don’t forget to subscribe and open the notification about Plant Mama Tatiana Tuesday! New releases every Tuesday Factory video🌿.


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