DIY how to grow shrubs in Phoenix

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How to grow shrubs in Phoenix, Arizona starts with choosing the right shrub for the right location. We recommend installing bushes adapted to the desert environment, mainly because they are inherent to the desert climate, so they are not susceptible to diseases and fungi. Here are important resources for selecting desert-adapted plants and trees: Another very important thing to remember is the location of the plants. Knowing the mature size of the shrub can help, so you don’t place shrubs that may grow into the sidewalk or grow close to the house or the foundation of the house. After choosing the plant and location, you will need a shovel, some mulch or soil additives. Although this is not necessary, we also recommend that you use some kind of root stimulant, such as B1 or Super Thrive (online purchase link: you also It will be hoped that before installing any plant material, make sure that the area has accumulated water, because it needs to be watered daily at the beginning until the bushes are established. The holes will be flooded with water to ensure that the deep parts exposed to the roots are also moist to reduce the risk of damage. The impact of plants, this is not a good time to add some B1 or Super Thrive and mulch or soil. After adding additives, make sure the bush is flush with the ground, then you can pull the bush out of the plastic bucket and install it Go to the ground and fill it with mulch and natural soil, then add water to water with a hose y, and then add more B1 or Super Thrive to help root establishment. Remember, all shrubs usually suffer some damage before they start to grow. Impact. Then you will need to cover the dirt in the granite to match the rest of the yard, and more importantly, increase the water running time of these new plants (even if they are located at the same station as the existing plants) to run for at least one hour per day (2 gallons per hour transmitter). You need to do this for at least 30 days. We usually keep the water heavy for 60-90 days to ensure that you see a lot of water at the beginning. Remember that most shrubs are in There will be a slight shock at first planting and it may take time to adjust. Therefore, if the bush starts to sag or shrink, do not assume that the bush will die immediately. Just increase the amount of water, and then pay attention to the bush for a few weeks before giving up. It is very likely that the next bush will do the same thing. During this period, the sooner you get the bush, the sooner it will start to grow and establish. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or go through www. Contact AMS Landscaping online at Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube page below:.


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