Don’t starve to death [Shipwrecked] Floaty Boaty Knights & Crocodogs-Day 148

When I was roughly interrupted by a group of crocodiles, I was looking for Floaty Boaty Knights for Gears. Fortunately, there is a Balfen Palace not far from where I am. Lure crocodiles to Ballphin Palace, they will soon be occupied by Ballphins. After playing for more than 100 days in “Famine: Shipwreck”? I think the only thing that can get rid of these crocodiles more effectively is the elephant cactus that you can collect from the volcano. “They are much more cunning than at first glance.”-Maxwell #DontStarve #Shipwrecked Contact me: Twitter ► Twitch ► Important note: All video game screens on this channel are my game screens. I used the share button to take a picture of a PlayStation 4 video game. In addition, most of the video games on the channel are rated as either T-rated teenagers (over 13 years old) or M-rated adults (over 17 years old). These videos are not made for children. .


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