Easy DIY PVC irrigation for my Arizona desert garden

After starting my garden in the hot summer of Arizona last year, I quickly learned that an irrigation system is very necessary. I started to research different irrigation methods, and was in a dilemma between using PVC and drip irrigation lines. Then I saw All-Purpose Mom’s YouTube video about her irrigation settings. You can check it here: I fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of her system and decided to try it out in my garden. I have been installing this system for a few weeks and I am very happy. I used to spend a long time watering a garden bed, and the heat in Arizona did not make things easier. In the end, I did not water deep enough and my plants suffered because of it. In addition, dragging the hose is everywhere I am afraid of drudgery, because the desert sun has turned it into a soft, heavy mess. Now I connect the hose in a few seconds, turn it on to medium pressure, walk away and water for 3 minutes. This allows me to check all other plants without having to stand in one place. When summer comes, I may increase the watering time, maybe twice a day, but for now, 3 minutes seems to be perfect. The high temperatures in Arizona can bring it. I have prepared my system! Ps: You may have noticed that something huge grows on one of the garden beds that it does not belong to. guys. I have been caring for a weed for months! 🥴I thought it was some kind of flower (big face). Instagram: Star Dova Shooting equipment: camera lens tripod microphone Video editing program: Davinci Resolve (free) Photo editing program: GIMP (free) Disclaimer: The links contained in this description may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service through the link I provide, I may receive a small commission. No extra cost for you! Thank you for supporting my channel so that I can continue to provide you with free content every week! .


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