Every desert garden should have this fruit tree!

My favorite fruit tree for desert gardening. This is my favorite fruit tree for use in edible landscapes and edible gardens designed using permaculture in deserts or hot climates! Palo Verde exudes edible flowers and delicious green pea pods that taste like sugar peas and edamame! Make sure to eat only the internal organs, not the skin! 😉 Join my Facebook gardening group here: Find me on Snapchat and Instagram: “JakeMaceTaiChi” join my monthly seed box plan to join my new online gardening school for $5 (scroll to the bottom) here Check out my new gardening store: Join my new Facebook gardening page! Click here: Let’s join the online garden. My new online gardening school is $5 a month or $50 a year, check out here and order our gardening supplies and tree food: click the “like” button, click “subscribe”, leave a comment below, and share this video! Make friends with me on Facebook Check my website and email me: JakeMaceVegan@gmail.com Check my other YouTube channels: Music is: Audionautix’s Wheel of Karma is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (Artist:.


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