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While you can make a burger out of almost anything — chicken, turkey, fish, plants — most people think beef when they think burgers. Well, at least that’s what Amiel Stanek thinks. He’s here today to show you every way to cook hamburgers using chuck beef. You can’t go wrong with a classic cast-iron skillet burger, but don’t write off other… let’s say less orthodox techniques, like Hibachi grilled or ironed. Seriously, the ironed burger is actually really good. Conversely, we do not recommend the peanut butter mixed-in burger. Just don’t.
Skip to each of the methods here:
Cast Iron 1:06
Grill Pan 1:52
Pre-Seasoned 2:30
Frozen Burger 3:20
Gas Grill (3 Ways) 4:02
Gas Grilled Burger 4:29
Gas Grilled Frozen Burger 4:53
Ice Chip 5:18
Charcoal Grilled 5:40
Hibachi/Indoor Grill 6:29
Butter Seared 7:10
Steamed 7:43
Toaster 8:26
Iron 9:29
Deep Fried 10:15
Waffle Iron 10:53
Rotisserie 11:28
Smash Burger 12:11
Frozen Smash Burger 13:03
Onion Smashed Burger 13:37
Grilled Smash Burger 14:20
Smoker 14:52
Searzall 15:28
Sous Vide 16:09
Microwave 17:03
Dehydrator 17:44
Tar Tare 18:28
Hand Chopped 19:15
Mix-Ins (3 Ways) 20:09
Butter Burger 20:37
Mayonaise 21:03
Peanut Butter 21:31
Juicy Lucy 22:03
Baked 22:50
Roasted 23:24
Broiled 23:58
Easy Bake Oven 24:39
Pan To Oven 25:29
Reverse Sear 26:07
Firepit (3 Ways) 27:00
Lava Stone 27:21
Wood Grilled 27:48
Foil Packet 28:16
George Foreman 28:45
Air Fryer 29:23

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Every Way to Cook a Hamburger (42 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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Every Way to Cook a Hamburger (42 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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