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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com visits Jason’s house in Las Vegas to learn more his raised bed construction and a fake lawn that was installed. Watch this video to learn more about…
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Fake Lawns and Trex Raised Square Foot Garden Bed Construction in the Las Vegas Desert

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  • Lorreyla

    Excellent series. Great job Jason. I am impressed. It would be nice if
    there was a site that your subscribers could post pictures of their raised
    bed/container gardens. Hint Hint ; )

  • halleysmommy

    My first thought is, “Wow! Way to go, Jason!!” My second thought is, “What
    the h-e-double L was his garden budget?” OMG I would love love to have a
    faux grass area in my lawn… but I priced it out and… uh… well, not in
    my galaxy price-wise. And the Trex beds are gorgeous and idea for the long
    term, but again must have cost a fortune. Which, unfortunately, is kind of
    the bottom line for me a lot of people. I can live vicariously tho…
    right? Hope to see Jasons garden updates!!

  • Nubster12

    And John…even though I know that the likelihood of ever seeing you in my
    small town in WV is pretty much zero, I do want you to know that your
    influence was HUGE in my decisions to plant a garden and to do raised beds.
    I still have a small traditional tilled plot because I could not afford to
    build enough beds this year to plant everything I wanted, next year I
    should be in 100% raised beds. I have learned so much from you and I truly
    appreciate it.

  • CaptainEpcot

    WTG Jason! Very, very nice job. Thanks John for including Jason in your
    videos. It’s great to see others growing their greens!

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

    Jason’s beds were filled all the way to the bottom with organic “mels mix’.
    Organic Compost/Soil can get expensive.. But its worth it. You can make
    “raised bed” tables, if you dont want to fill that much, but then there is
    more expense in materials. I encourage you to search around for a good
    sources of organic compost to fill your beds with. Dirt is Good 🙂

  • SunBelly

    Jason, good job man. Very pro looking. Those Trex boards ain’t cheap, but
    they’ll last a good long time. I’m just starting out too and I understand
    your excitement. Like you, my wife is not into it as much as I am, but I
    bet she will be once the yummy veggies start producing. John, I love your
    show. I watch every episode. If you’re ever in east Texas, let me know. I’d
    love to meet you. Buy you a beer?

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

    If there are seeds for tree collards or they are being sold as such, its
    probably not true tree collards, but more likely walking stick kale. Mine
    have never gone to seed. They are propogated by cuttings. They are
    rare/hard to find. Try bountifulgardens. o r g to order plants, who will
    ship them to you. (when available)

  • 1ChevyGuy375

    Wow he really has has nice raised beds and the self watering containers. I
    have a few of them I made myself too. He did a good job, I like It. If he
    Is a subscriber, does he have anything on his channel?

  • Whippetfest

    Hi John, You have not only inspired me but now I inspire others due to you
    : ) Just tonight I had someone tell me they were inspired after taking the
    tour here. I tell everyone about John when I show them my garden and green
    house. If you are ever in N.W. Montana around Glacier National Park it
    would be great to meet you. Nice JOB Jason! Now off to see the other new
    videos! I love when there are new John videos. My favorite on youtube, tv
    has become obsolete due to youtube and the new garden.

  • Anjacina

    great video! Just subscribed to your channel yesterday. Liking it very
    much! One question about the raised beds…They look like they were about
    25″ deep, is all that filled with soil? I have 6″ raised beds in my yard
    now that are not making my back so happy and wanted to raise them up quite
    significantly but wondering what alternatives I have to using so much dirt?
    Thanks again! – Angela

  • Nubster12

    @btigtime2 Then he can head north to the mountains of WV. I would love a
    visit. Perhaps a new show….The John Kohler Road Show !!!!

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