If you decide to stop at Key Largo, please make sure it is located in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (305-451-1202; MM 102/5 Oceanside, Key Largo; 1/2 person $3.50/6, extra 50 cents per person ; 8am-sunset), the first underwater park in the United States. Its amazing geography covers 75 square miles of ocean and living coral reefs, as well as 170 acres of land, including walking trails including wild tamarind nature trails. The area is home to air plants, okra, wild bamboo, Jamaican dogwood, crabapple and wild calamus.

However, the best feature is the complete activity plan led by the ranger. However, it is the complete activity plan led by the ranger. There are many options when exploring the Florida Reef. You can take a glass-bottom boat or a snorkeling sailboat; go directly on a snorkeling trip or diving excursion; or rent a canoe or kayak (305-451-1621) to traverse the 3-mile long network of canoe trails. Power boats can also be rented.

In addition to the natural coral life vortex below, interested divers can also catch a glimpse of Christ in the Abyss, an 8 1/2-foot 4000-pound bronze sculpture of Jesus — a replica of a similar sculpture near the coast of Genoa, Italy, in the Mediterranean. If you are not suitable for entering or entering the water, you can experience the beauty there at the visitor center, where there is an excellent 30,000 gallon aquarium showing live corals, tropical fish and plants, and a theater showing continuous nature videos.

The park offers wonderful programs led by rangers, including nature walks in mangroves and hardwood hammocks, campfire programs and lecture series. Also, if you choose tent or RV camping (800,326,3521), you don’t even have to leave at closing time, but make sure to book as 47 sites will fill up quickly.

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Florida tourist attractions-John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo

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