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Ron grows a tomato plant in the Arizona desert. Ron uses a 4 inch pipe in the ground along side the tomato plant. He fills the pipe with water and in turn th…

Garden in the desert. Growing a tomato plant in the desert.

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  • SwarmTheBanks

    So far I only need 1/5th of a gallon of water per plant per day based on a
    water conservation idea I am trying out.

  • Suzanne Ramoundos

    Thanks for the video. Good idea with the side pipe and slits. Would avoid
    plastic shavings in the soil though….pvc has issues. But thanks again.

  • DesertDigger1

    Way too labor intensive Ron.I live in S.Az.and run 6 rows @70 ft.long and
    use 1/2 in.p.v.c.pipe with small holes every 3 ft.,and you dont even have
    to glue the joints.A valve on each row because my water pressure isn’t the
    greatest.Run Weed-X down the rows.Its a great water saver.All you have to
    do is turn a valve,no carrying the hose through the garden.You should be
    planting 3/4s of the plant in the ground,but to each his own.I had 6
    ft.Indeterminate plants last year loaded with Tomatoes!.

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