Goldcrest Views 1 JLT Comfortable Studio

Goldcrest Views 1 is a high-rise residential building project of Jumeirah Lake Towers. It is an independent lakeside development project, including spectacular buildings surrounded by man-made lakes, verdant landscaping and cascading waterfalls. It offers hundreds of apartments with the highest standards of luxury, luxurious decoration, high-tech design facilities and spacious living areas. All apartments are located around the central rectangular center to ensure maximum views from each apartment to the surrounding area. The central core is designed to accommodate the elevators, stairs and service areas of the building. Each apartment has a spacious balcony, emphasizing the resort lifestyle of the development project. Its architectural design with symbolic fins is closer to the sky and seems to touch the sky. The wide curves of the fins contrast sharply with angular elements, while the contrasting colors and textures provide a balanced composition. In addition, the facade is also decorated with horizontal balconies and other functions, making the tower one of the iconic landmarks of JLT. You are also close to famous developments including the Palm Jumeirah, the American University of Dubai, Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet and Media City. Facilities and amenities: swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness club, CCTV camera, 24-hour security, high-speed elevator, sports bar, entertainment facilities and convenience facilities. Outdoor cafes and restaurants on the waterfront allow you to take a late night stroll or stroll along the lake. Community retail stores can meet the basic needs of residents and can be used even at close distances. The plazas and gardens between the clusters establish huge and easy connections between the large areas of the community. Residents and working class within JLT benefit from a wide range of facilities, such as quiet community areas, cafe terraces, shaded sidewalks and benches. In addition, it also includes sidewalk fountains, lake fountains, gardens near the avenue, bushes, desert gardens and tailor-made sculptures. The daycare center and children’s play area established in the community provide residents with excellent visualization. In addition to these, each tower also meets the basic needs of owners and tenants, and provides facilities such as gymnasiums, saunas, swimming pools, conference centers, high-speed elevators and advanced security systems. Shopping area: Composed of ordinary grocery stores, laundry shops, coffee shops and retail stores, Jumeirah Lake Tower meets basic needs and provides residents with all their daily needs. In addition to these major shopping hubs, they can also be found in the vicinity of JLT, such as Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Pear Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall and Mall of the Emirates. These shopping paradise can meet all the needs of JLT residents and visitors, such as shopping, dining and entertainment. Several restaurants also have outlets near JLT, which can satisfy all kinds of culinary tastes from the East and the Middle East to Europe and the West. You can use ETH or BTC to support the project. The wallet is below: ETH wallet: 0x5D80adf0060C2f0b4DA72616CF6202c776225827 BTC wallet: 3C1HNYr9XQ7tNKioFeiLhFro9LJdWtZQ2G For confidential viewing and demonstration, please call: mobile phone / Whatsapp: 00971 50892 / baidu #####.


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